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States vs. Feds on Sports betting

<nyt_text> LAS VEGAS — It is a lucrative time of year for Nevada, where more than $200 million will be wagered in sports books on the N.C.A.A. men’s basketball tournament, a pot of money that has budget-crunched states across the

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Revisiting # 2 Georgetown vs. # 15 Fla Gulf

We’re now down to the Sweet 16 — but people are still buzzing about one of the biggest upsets of the NCAA Tournament: # 2 Georgetown’s loss at the hands of # 15 Florida Gulf Coast.  Historically, #15 seeds have

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March Madness Round 1 Results by Seed

We computed the results for the seeds in Round 1 of the March Madness NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Note that this is now sometimes called Round 2, because some teams need to compete to reduce the 68 teams to 64

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