NFL: Running QBs no great advantage

Here’s a nice analysis from CBSsports.


I took a look at the 10 best running performances by quarterbacks in NFL history and how their teams fared during those seasons. Not one of those top-10 performances led to a Super Bowl win or an appearance in a Super Bowl.

In fact, as a group, the 10 running quarterbacks were barely over .500 in the win-loss column. The combined record for the quarterbacks is 78-71-2, or 52 percent.

Michael Vick has four of the top-10 rushing seasons. In 2004, Vick led his team to an 11-4 record while recording the fourth-best rushing season for a QB with 902 yards. But Vick’s team didn’t go very far in the playoffs. I’m not saying it was his fault — or the fault of any of these quarterbacks — but the running QB has yet to trump the throwing QB.

Here are the top 10 all-time season running performances by quarterbacks.

  1. Michael Vick (2006): 1,039 yards and a 7-9 record
  2. Bobby Douglas (1972): 968 yards and a 4-9-1 record
  3. Randall Cunningham (1990): 942 yards and a 10-6 record
  4. Michael Vick (2004): 902 yards and an 11-4 record
  5. Robert Griffin III (2012): 815 yards and a 9-6 record
  6. Michael Vick (2002): 777 yards and an 8-6-1 record
  7. Cam Newton (2012): 741 yards and a 7-9 record
  8. Cam Newton (2011): 706 yards and a 6-10 record
  9. Michael Vick (2010): 676 yards and an 8-4 record
  10. Steve McNair (1997): 674 yards and an 8-8 record

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