Super Bowl 48: Square Pool Odds

If you are in a square pool, here is an interesting article that shows the probabilities of your squares hitting, by quarter.  This method looks at which team is favored (currently, the Denver Broncos are favored over the Seattle Seahawks by 2 points) and is based on playoff game results since 1994, when the two-point conversion was initiated by the NFL.

The results verify that the 3, 7 and 0 are good numbers to have, but quantify the results, by quarter.

Enjoy the game!


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, sports or otherwise. Along with the actual game, there is huge interest in everything from Super Bowl ads and the half-time show – to the Super Bowl Square Pools. If you are participating in a square pool (where only the last digit for each team counts), you will be randomly assigned a digit for each team, such as the Seattle Seahawks (or NFC) 3, and the Denver Broncos (or AFC) 4. Many fans have an idea of what numbers are “good.” Here, we compute square pool probabilities, or odds, based on historical results by quarter.

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