Super Bowl XLVIII – Interesting Angles

Here is “Who Will Win” analysis that takes a look at potential betting angles associated with sports psychology.

Peyton Manning

Photo Credit: Chris Humphries, USA Today


Minimizing Errors

Champions need to execute at a high-level, but with few errors and mistakes. The quarterback, as the team’s offensive leader, has a major impact in determining championships. In particular, quarterback interceptions during the regular season are great predictors of Super Bowl success. The team with fewer interceptions during the regular season has won 56 percent of all Super Bowls. Russell Wilson edges Peyton Manning in this department.

Edge: Seattle


The team that has achieved more double-digit wins during the regular season has gone on to win 56 percent of Super Bowls. This category favors Denver with 10 double-digit wins, compared to eight for Seattle.

Edge: Broncos

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