The Rich Get Richer (Oakland A’s)

Or int his case, the strong get stronger.  John Lester had a huge game in his first for the Oakland A’s, a three-hit shutout gem against the Minnesota Twins.  
Lester improved his record to 12-7 and the Oakland A’s improve to 70-44, a .614 winning percentage.  
This theme of the rich getting richer (or strong getting stronger) applies in professional sports more than ever.  First, there was LeBron James and the big three in Miami.  Over time, players of all levels and ages like to be winners.  Ray Allen wanted a chance to win championships, so he has followed LeBron.  Several players on the San Antonio Spurs (as well as on other winning teams) agreed to play for less than market value.  
Moral of the story: if you can build a critical mass of winning, “they (stars) will come.”
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