NFL Win Total Expectations

The 2014 NFL Season is set to start.  Do you know what to expect from your favorite team?  Take a look at the the current expectations based on casino odds:  
The powerhouses are expected to be: 
Denver, New England, and Seattle, followed closely by
San Francisco, Green Bay and New Orleans.  
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NY Islanders sold

The “storied” New York Islanders franchise has been sold.  Often under the shadow of other New York teams, the Islanders won four consecutive Stanley Cups in the early 1980s.   

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First NBA Player of Indian descent

From the New York Post.  The NBA and Sacramento Kings extend the reach of the league…
7-foot-5 behemoth of Indian descent makes NBA history

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NBA News: DeMarcus Cousins hurt

Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins — and playing for Team USA — may be hurt…
More bad news for Team USA – -and NBA players.


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College Football: Good Visiting Running Teams in Low-Scoring Games

This BetLabs filter likes:
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College Football: Visiting Dogs

This BetLabs filter likes:
  • Visiting Dogs
  • With Total <= 63
  • With Line Movement in direction of Visitor
  • Bet % < 49%


Result is 53%; winning percentage increases slightly with better bet %.
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The Rich Get Richer (Oakland A’s)

Or int his case, the strong get stronger.  John Lester had a huge game in his first for the Oakland A’s, a three-hit shutout gem against the Minnesota Twins.  
Lester improved his record to 12-7 and the Oakland A’s improve to 70-44, a .614 winning percentage.  
This theme of the rich getting richer (or strong getting stronger) applies in professional sports more than ever.  First, there was LeBron James and the big three in Miami.  Over time, players of all levels and ages like to be winners.  Ray Allen wanted a chance to win championships, so he has followed LeBron.  Several players on the San Antonio Spurs (as well as on other winning teams) agreed to play for less than market value.  
Moral of the story: if you can build a critical mass of winning, “they (stars) will come.”
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Kevin Durant withdraws from Team USA

NBA MVP Kevin Durant withdrew from this year’s upcoming FIBA tournament.  The FIBA Tournament starts August 30th and runs for just over two weeks.

Durant mentioned “physical and mental fatigue.”
This comes about a week after Team US lost Paul George due to injury.
Team USA remains a heavy favorite at 2-5 odds (although odds were previously 2-7!).
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Greg Oden arrested

Greg Oden was once a number one draft pick in the NBA, but injuries slowed his career.  Now he has been arrested :(
Oden played for Miami last year.
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Super Bowl XLVIII – Interesting Angles

Peyton Manning

Here is “Who Will Win” analysis that takes a look at potential betting angles associated with sports psychology.

Peyton Manning

Photo Credit: Chris Humphries, USA Today


Minimizing Errors

Champions need to execute at a high-level, but with few errors and mistakes. The quarterback, as the team’s offensive leader, has a major impact in determining championships. In particular, quarterback interceptions during the regular season are great predictors of Super Bowl success. The team with fewer interceptions during the regular season has won 56 percent of all Super Bowls. Russell Wilson edges Peyton Manning in this department.

Edge: Seattle


The team that has achieved more double-digit wins during the regular season has gone on to win 56 percent of Super Bowls. This category favors Denver with 10 double-digit wins, compared to eight for Seattle.

Edge: Broncos

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