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Super Bowl XLVIII – Interesting Angles

Peyton Manning

Here is “Who Will Win” analysis that takes a look at potential betting angles associated with sports psychology.   Minimizing Errors Champions need to execute at a high-level, but with few errors and mistakes. The quarterback, as the team’s offensive leader,

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2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Some good analysis of the NHL finals that start tonight:   Based on this research, we focused on several championship characteristics that might predict the winner of this year’s Stanley Cup finals.  We also applied a Monte Carlo simulation to compute series

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NFL: Running QBs no great advantage

Here’s a nice analysis from CBSsports.   I took a look at the 10 best running performances by quarterbacks in NFL history and how their teams fared during those seasons. Not one of those top-10 performances led to a Super Bowl win

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NBA Finals Analysis

Analysis from one of our contacts who gets published regularly the New York Times.     Big Game Experience: Over the past 23 years, the team with more finals appearances over the previous three years has 12 of 15 (80.0%) in

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For Playoffs, 7 Games is not necessarily the Best

Here’s a nice analysis of playoff series, in the NY Times.   In 2003, the league changed the opening round of the playoffs from best-of-five to best-of-seven, matching the final three rounds. Of the 80 first-round series since, the team

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Mets’ Matt Harvey — Historically-Good Start to a Career

Baseball fans — and especially Mets fans — are starting to take notice of the Mets young starter.  ESPN reports that the start of his career places him among all-time great starts to a career.   Among pitchers who made

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Final Four Computer Simulations

Our computer simulations predict: Louisville by 7; with the spread at 10.5, we are on Louisville. Michigan by 3.  This one is close, but for “action” we like Michigan.  Our simulation likes the OVER in this game. Our simulator can

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Revisiting # 2 Georgetown vs. # 15 Fla Gulf

We’re now down to the Sweet 16 — but people are still buzzing about one of the biggest upsets of the NCAA Tournament: # 2 Georgetown’s loss at the hands of # 15 Florida Gulf Coast.  Historically, #15 seeds have

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