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Super Bowl XLVIII – Interesting Angles

Peyton Manning

Here is “Who Will Win” analysis that takes a look at potential betting angles associated with sports psychology.   Minimizing Errors Champions need to execute at a high-level, but with few errors and mistakes. The quarterback, as the team’s offensive leader,

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Super Bowl 48: Square Pool Odds

If you are in a square pool, here is an interesting article that shows the probabilities of your squares hitting, by quarter.  This method looks at which team is favored (currently, the Denver Broncos are favored over the Seattle Seahawks

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NFL: Running QBs no great advantage

Here’s a nice analysis from CBSsports.   I took a look at the 10 best running performances by quarterbacks in NFL history and how their teams fared during those seasons. Not one of those top-10 performances led to a Super Bowl win

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